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I have looked to Jan for mentoring at different points during my career, mainly to support me through periods of transition and challenge. Her insight, clear questioning, ability to frame (and where useful, re-frame) my experiences, deep knowledge of the sector, humanity and humour have all enabled me to move forwards with a renewed sense of purpose and agency. I will not hesitate to go to her again to support me in navigating what feel like increasingly difficult times, and wholeheartedly recommend her to others.

Deborah Pakkar-Hull, Freelance theatre-maker and director


Mentoring support is tailored to individuals and provides reflective space that can support you through key transition periods, smooth bumpy ground and unravel areas of conflict; identify ways of dealing with overload and stress; clarify strategy and direction of travel. Sessions can be scheduled flexibly, and can be delivered by phone, Zoom or face to face if practical.

I can work with boards and senior management teams to develop and articulate strategic priorities, supporting targeted and measurable goals and bringing business plans to life. I offer half/whole/consecutive days and work with you to frame an efficient and time effective way of reaching agreement on priorities and actions.

Executive coaching provides structured support based on areas you identify as priorities. Sessions will include practical exercises and a focus on real-life scenarios. My coaching practice is grounded in my own experience of management and leadership, and includes knowledge of good practice in HR, governance and compliance. My approach aims to de-mystify issues and to build confidence and resilience.

I can work with you over an agreed period with a minimum number of scheduled sessions, that includes open access support by phone or email at any time in between. This can be useful when navigating steep learning curves or big changes, where issues come up quickly and support is needed on an ad hoc basis.

Jan facilitated a whole day with the National Drama Executive with great warmth, perception and inclusivity. Jan displayed high-level skills in posing provocative questions, listening to what people say and ensuring that the purposes of the day were fulfilled. ND would recommend any organisation to work with Jan.

Dr Geoffrey Readman, Consultant in Theatre & Drama Education, Chair, National Drama

I am so glad to have found Jan! Her empathy and wise words bring perspective to challenging situations, enabling me to find the strength within to meet the demands of arts leadership with creativity and decisive kindness.

Joanne Roughton-Arnold, CEO & Creative Director, formidAbility


Jan has helped me so much with strategy and helping me to map out the direction of my projects when starting out. Jan is an absolute pleasure to work with. She's really patient and helps to get creative thoughts and ideas into words. I couldn’t have asked for a better person to help me on this journey.

Melissa Powell, Director Da Capo Events

Jan has helped us tackle tricky steps as a company with great insight and experience. Jan is always the first person we turn to when we are uncertain or faced with a problem. She is sensitive to diplomacy and language and her words have echoed through everything we say and do. Jan has been invaluable to us and to everyone who has had the great fortune to work with her. No matter what stage you or your company are at, she can help you shift and develop your thinking in original and brilliant ways.

Eleanor Perry and Daniel Hay-Gordon, Thick and Tight 

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