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I am a flexible and empathic cultural manager with a track record of senior public and entrepreneurial development across England, Scotland and Wales. I have provided leadership for arts organisations, voluntary sector charities, and local authorities; my career has spanned social, economic, artistic and academic fields, enabling a wide understanding and connective approach. I am an experienced change manager with a deep understanding of the challenges of change and how to navigate them.


My practice is people-centred and underpinned by a belief in social justice and fair opportunity. I am non-judgmental, responsive, and individually focused; I work alongside you, and take my cues from you. I bring tools and practical ideas, but not formulated advice. I am a quick thinker and can break down complex issues, providing clarity and perspective. I love working with ideas and turning them into active projects; I have a strategic mind-set linked to practical delivery that supports strong and meaningful business planning.


I understand from my own experience the difficulties of balancing responsibility in personal and work life; my approach is holistic, allowing you to think through issues as in the context of your life as a whole, not just through a professional prism.




Jan has been a mentor and my co-conspirator for over 15 years. She will meet you as the person you are and then make you better at being the person you want to be. She will meet the business you have and make it better at being the business you want it to be. And all with grace, humility, a depth of experience and lots of laughter. ‘’


Seth Honnor, Artistic Director Kaleider

For the past 15 years I have worked across scale and art forms, and have developed a creative, collaborative and solution-based practice with individuals and companies. These are some of the companies I have worked with:


Scottish Dance Theatre,


Trinity Arts Centre,


Two Moors Festival,

Thick and Tight,

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